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How to Fix Christmas Lights

One of the best times during the holiday season is when you get to hang up Christmas lights. But sometimes problems can arise. Knowing how to identify the problem in fixing your holiday lights can take a little bit of the pressure off. Here, you will learn how to troubleshoot lighting issues as well as know when you should reach out to a holiday lighting installation professional.  

Reasons Why Your Christmas Lights Are Not Working

There are a few contributing factors as to why your Christmas lights aren’t working. Some common issues with plug in lights include:

  • A blown fuse
  • A broken wire 
  • The bulb is sitting loose in its socket
  • The bulb has burnt out

Diagnosing the problem will now help you prepare for what to do next. 

How to Repair Christmas Lights 

Between untangling light strands and noticing a few missing bulbs, we know that getting Christmas lights back to its original condition can be a thankless job. But when there are no other immediate options, you have to make do with your situation. The following troubleshooting tips will help you repair your Christmas lights. 

Replace the Blown Fuse

The most known culprit for a faulty Christmas light is a blown fuse. But what does that look like exactly? A blown fuse will have a break in the metal filament inside its glass cylinder. Luckily, these can easily be replaced. 

Keep in mind, the fuse lives in the male-side of the plug behind a door. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Unplug the string lights entirely 
  2. With the plug in hand, slide the door in the direction to “open” 
  3. Remove the fuse(s) using a small screwdriver
  4. Insert the replacement fuse(s) with the same size and rating 
  5. Put it to the test!

Not the problem? Maybe you’re dealing with a burnt out bulb.

Replace the Bulbs

In order for a string of lights to function properly, all bulbs in the strand need to be in top notch shape. If one bulb is out, this could potentially compromise the others on the string. Using a multimeter—an instrument designed to measure electric currents, can help you pinpoint which bulb is at fault. Once that’s done, replace your bulb with a new one. Now you’re almost ready for those lights to shine bright!

Utilize a Light Tester

This quick and easy tool is handy in ensuring that your bulbs are guaranteed to emit the expected amount of light for that particular bulb. Testing each individual light with this light tester is an efficient way in filtering out which bulbs need to be tossed. 

How to Have Long Lasting Lights

To get the most out of your Christmas lights:

  • Make sure to take them down with extra care.
  • Never pull too hard on the wires, as this may cause the strand to malfunction from a loose bulb or broken socket.
  • When storing away your lights, use a spool so you avoid having the bulbs clash together.
  • The goal is to not toss your lights into a container while it is all intertwined. This will guarantee that your lights will not work the next holiday season. 

Can’t Fix Your Lights? Contact Wash Me Windows for Professional Christmas Lights Installation 

If this is too much of a hassle, Wash Me Windows has got you covered for installing your Christmas lights. Contact us so we can have your home looking bright this holiday season!