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Surface cleaning for decks, patios, garages and sidewalks.

Prevent premature damage, improve cleanliness and restore the original look of your high-traffic outdoor surface areas.

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Exterior surface cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

Outdoor surfaces collect dirt, grime and bacteria just as quickly as interior spaces. Just as you would regularly clean the interior of your home or office, maintaining the cleanliness of your outdoor surfaces is just as important.

With specialist knowledge of most surfaces and access to industry-leading cleaning equipment, our team is on standby to have your surfaces looking good as new in no time at all.

What kind of results can I expect?

Surface cleaning is an exceptionally effective way to remove dirt and grime build-up on your outside areas. Using the technical know-how of our experienced team, we can restore just about any surface to its original appearance while safeguarding it from premature deterioration. 

Our team can provide professional cleaning services for:

  • Natural or synthetic wood decks 
  • Patios
  • Garages 
  • Sidewalks

Benefits of Professional Surface Cleaning

  • Enhanced appearance of surface areas
  • Restoration of original look
  • Deep clean and removal of dirt build-up and oxidation
  • Reduced risk of pest breeding and visitation 
  • Removal of weeds, dirt & all water-soluble debris
  • Controlled water flow to prevent water damage to your surfaces
  • Enhanced aesthetic of wood fibers & color (optional add-on for natural wooden decks)

Our approach to surface cleaning

Wash Me Windows utilizes the latest in pressure washing technology to remove stubborn dirt and grime from all of your important exterior surfaces. Our years of experience allow us to quickly identify potential hazards or issues and apply the correct technique to allow for outstanding results, no matter the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the surface. Is it wood? Asphalt? Concrete? Stone? Brick? Composite decking? It varies by surface.

Again, this varies by type of surface, the level of dirt, and what you’d like us to do!

Generally, several years.

What can’t we clean? We are experts at cleaning and restoring concrete, wood, composite decks, cedar shake, stucco, brick, stone, vinyl and wood fences, and roofs.

Yes, our team is fully bonded and insured.

No. As long as you’re happy to do so, our team can complete your surface cleaning service even if you aren’t able to be there. In this instance, we can discuss options over the phone for gaining access to your property.

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Which services are you interested in?

Please check all that apply.

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